Final place for Pegasus


Pegasus are through to today's Club Championship (B division) final in Vienna and have secured promotion to the A division next season after topping their pool by beating Ritm Grodno 4-3 yesterday. Pegasus, who missed two of three strokes awarded to them in the game, only needed a draw to beat Grodno to first place in the group and after taking a 3-0 lead in the first 25 minutes looked comfortably on course for that target. Grodno, however, replied with two goals in a minute before the break and levelled

WOMEN'S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS (at Vienna) - Pool A - Saturday: Pegasus 6 (A Boyles, C McMahon, K Humphreys, H Mullan, C McGookin, J Campbell), Wettingen 0; Ritm Grodno 3, Libertas 0. Yesterday: Pegasus 4 (A Boyles, K Humphreys pen, K Mills 2), Ritm Grodno 3; Libertas 3, Wettingen 0.