What women want: the Tiffany & Co. guide to buying jewellery this Christmas

For most men, buying jewellery for women is a complicated affair – here’s our guide to help you choose from some of Tiffany’s most iconic pieces this Christmas

St Vincent

Musician St Vincent wearing Tiffany


Men, young and old, develop a certain dread at this time of year. What is the correct gift to buy for the special women in their lives, be it their wives, mothers or daughters?

Choosing a gift that is right for each of these women takes careful consideration and some thought should be given to their lifestyles and personal styles - does she like small, delicate items or striking and bold designs? A piece of jewellery is a reflection of a woman's personality and understanding this is a vital part of gift buying.

Tiffany and Co., the iconic New York jewellers made famous by the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys, saw Audrey Hepburn’s iconic character, Holly Golightly, peer longingly inside the 5th Avenue store, on a stunning New York morning.

And millions of women, ever since, have wanted something gifted to them inside the Tiffany Blue Box; such is the magic and charm of this brand.

Here, we have chosen nine key pieces from three of Tiffany’s most iconic collections, to consider for every woman this Christmas. Each of them would make a perfect gift this Christmas and they are all available at the Tiffany store in Brown Thomas in Dublin.

The Tiffany Victoria collection

The Tiffany Victoria collection takes its inspiration from brightly burning stars. It’s a fine jewellery collection but can be worn every day and in lots of imaginative ways such as one of the collection’s stunning marquise-cut earrings worn as a brooch, by the musician St Vincent (above), one of many new faces for Tiffany & Co.


The Victoria platinum with marquise diamond earrings are inspired by the fire and radiance of their stones.
Price: €6,450


The elegant simplicity of this platinum with marquise diamond pendant, which hangs on a 16” chain, makes it appropriate for day and evening.
Price: €5,750


This Tiffany Victoria ring is delicate in form and the design possesses a timeless glamour and sophistication. It’s set in platinum with diamonds.
Price: €6,600


The Tiffany T Collection

Actor Elle Fanning wearing Tiffany
Actor Elle Fanning wearing Tiffany

Tiffany T is a contemporary jewellery collection that has taken its inspiration from the skyline of New York city; that bold, striking architecture as well as its energy and creativity. Tiffany T and Tiffany City Hardwear present contemporary yet timeless jewellery designs which are said to be perfect for modern women and this collection, along with Tiffany City Hardwear, will appeal to a younger demographic.

The collection’s strong, graphic lines reflect the vertical lines of the city’s architecture. Each piece in the Tiffany T collection has discreet design details - how the diamonds move or how the Ts are linked - that are subtle to the eye.


Graphic angles and clean lines blend to create these rings, seen here in 18K rose, yellow and white gold with round brilliant diamonds.
Price: from €1,850


This sleek bracelet is practical and easy to wear with graphic angles and clean lines, but it has the undeniable mark of Tiffany T. It’s seen here in 18k gold.
Price: €6,000


Diamonds trace the curve of this striking pendant, seen here in 18k yellow gold with round brilliant diamonds, it hangs on a 16-inch chain.
Price: €4,100


The Tiffany City HardWear Collection

Actor Zoë Kravitz wearing Tiffany

The Tiffany City HardWear collection captures the energy of New York and draws its inspiration from the urban soul of the city and its streets, where high fashion meets street style. Tiffany City HardWear is as classic as it is edgy, therefore appealing to every woman; Lady Gaga is the face of this collection, a perfect example of a woman who likes to very often mix classic style with an edgy modern twist.

“In addition to taking inspiration from the streets of New York, the design of the collection started with a reinterpretation of a unique piece from the Tiffany Archives, a unisex bracelet from 1971. The design, with its links, ball and lock, was deconstructed, reimagined and expanded across earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.”

Tiffany City HardWear is designed to be versatile with its detachable pieces, stackable rings, wrap bracelets and wrap necklaces that can be worn in multiple ways, giving its owner several looks in one.


This piece is “elegantly subversive” and captures the spirit of the women of New York City. The bold gauge links, which are unique to this collection, create a bracelet that takes inspiration from the city's industrial spirit. It’s designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. Seen here in 18k yellow gold.
Price: €3,150


Playing with tension and proportion, these earrings are perfectly balanced and cradled by a fine chain. Seen here in 18k yellow gold.
Price: €2,900


This simple and elegant pendant is a timeless design and is seen here in 18k yellow gold.
Price: €1,550


No gift would be complete without the signature Tiffany Blue Box that wraps each piece. It is as much a part of Tiffany’s legendary style as the jewels that come within it. Its characteristic blue hue is synonymous with luxury and is sure to be the perfect box for any woman to find under the tree this Christmas.

For more, see tiffany.ie