Agnes O’Casey: ‘It’s women that have seen the potential in me, rather than men’

The great-granddaughter of Seán O’Casey on landing her first lead movie role

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Agnes O'Casey

‘It’s women that have seen the potential in me, rather than men,’ says actress Agnes O’Casey, whose new movie ‘Lies We Tell’, is directed by Irish filmmaker and writer Lisa Mulcachy.

The film, a period drama set in 1800s Ireland, was funded by Screen Ireland’s POV Production & Training Scheme which aims to empower and support female creative talent and bring new stories from Irish women to the big screen.

“Basically everyone on set was a woman and that was amazing, there’s like a special atmosphere on set that comes with that,” she says. “I just love women, it’s just great to work with women’.

O’Casey, who is the great-granddaughter of Irish playwright Seán O’Casey, was speaking to podcast presenter Róisín Ingle on the latest episode of The Irish Times Women’s Podcast ahead of the film’s release this Friday October 13th.


Reflecting on the legacy of her famous great-grandfather, the actress says: “It’s the best thing to be able to read what your family member thought and felt and [to have] I guess a relationship with them in a way”.

“I feel really sorry for my other great grandparents because I don’t know as much about them,” she laughs.

O’Casey will also be starring in the upcoming film adaptation of Claire Keegan’s novel, Small Things Like These and she can also be seen in The Miracle Club alongside Laura Linney, Kathy Bates and Maggie Smith.

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Suzanne Brennan

Suzanne Brennan

Suzanne Brennan is an audio producer at The Irish Times