United Ireland poll: The results are clear, but what about the undecideds?

What do Irish people think about reunification?

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Voters in the north and the Republic of Ireland would welcome a referendum on a United Ireland.

A straightforward binary question would yield a resounding yes on this side of the border, and an emphatic no from the six counties.

That result is clear from a two polls carried out in both jurisdictions by Ipsos for The Irish Times.

But the wide-ranging research shows the Republic’s commitment to a United Ireland right now is wide but not deep.


More than a third say they would be less likely to vote yes if reunification meant sacrificing the tricolour or Amhrán na bhFhiann.

The research was also conducted in tandem with focus groups to give insight to the quantitative answers garnered from the pollsters.

In this episode of In The News Political Editor Pat Leahy pulls together the major strands of the research so far, paints a picture of the mood both north and south of the border and analyses the persuadability of the undecideds.

North and South is a collaboration between The Irish Times and ARINS, which is a joint research project of the Royal Irish Academy and the Keough-Naughton Centre for Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame.