World Economic Forum at Davos


Sir, – Amid the self-congratulatory messages coming from Davos, the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has suggested that it is time that corporations gave something back and help reduce inequality (Business News, January 23rd).

The fact that an elected representative is pleading with an unelected elite to look at their social responsibility tells you all you need to know about what ails us.

Mr Trudeau is seen as a progressive politician, who obviously acknowledges that there are global issues to address, but like many of his peers shirks from calling out one of the major contributing factors, namely the current global economic model.

While our alleged betters focus on metrics such as GDP and growth, the indicators that matter to the silent majority, such as homelessness, indebtedness, inequality and the breakdown of social cohesion, are in a sorry state.

Add to that the huge influence that our growth-obsessed, unsustainable, economic model has on the acceleration of climate change and it’s clear to any objective observer that there is a great delusion at play at this annual gathering. – Yours,etc,




Sir, – I am sure all of your readers will share my deep fears regarding the imminent weather crisis in Davos which may expose the most eminent people in the world to unforseeable threats.

Let us all, no matter what faith we share, join in a global prayer that our leaders may be delivered in this, their moment of greatest danger.

May their helicopters fly safely: may their ski-lifts transport them to ever greater heights; may their acolytes flatter them to an ever greater extent in this their hour of danger, and may Bono sing them to their deserved rest.

Failing the above I am setting up an emergency rescue fund.

Your donations will be gratefully, and gracefully, accepted in my Anglo Irish Bank account. – Yours, etc,



Co Louth.