The road to the presidency


A chara, – Given that the constitutional right to nominate presidential candidates is one of the few powers that the Department of Local Government has not yet tried to remove from local councils, your editorial suggestion that councillors could be “controlled” by party leaderships in our nominating rights is highly unlikely (July 18th).

While believing President Michael D Higgins has done an excellent job, I would hope that we would facilitate credible candidates that could ensure the role of the office for the next seven years would be discussed. – Is mise,


Fianna Fáil,


Co Wexford.

Sir, – The point is being missed here.

Michael D Higgins said before the last election that he was only going up for one term of office. And we the people voted accordingly.

We should have higher standards then accepting and encouraging our leaders and politicians to go back on their word. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.