The ‘Dort’ accent

Sir, – I have been reading with interest Frank McNally's recent articles on the dreaded "Dort" accent and his speculation as to the origins of this hideous addition to our native vowels (An Irishman's Diary, May 13th).

Although I currently live in Texas, I grew up in Dublin, with parents from Limerick and Mayo, went to what used to be called a “good” school and therefore have a typical, pre-Dort Dublin middle-class accent. However, I noticed its sudden appearance in the 1980s and am convinced that it originated with the two major cultural monuments of that era, “Neighbours” and “Home and Away”. Children of the 1980s were exposed to Kylie and Jason, merged it with the existing Fawxrawk accent, and suddenly we had “sythbynd ryndabyts”. And everyone uptalking? All the time? Until it drove you nuts? – Yours, etc,





Sir, – Frank McNally refers to a vocal affliction, which has infected large swathes of affluent Dublin suburbs, as the Dart accent. In fact, this systematic strangulation of round vowels is known as “Dortish”, given that many residents of areas close to the Dart choose to adopt it. Unfortunately, it has travelled much further west than Mullingar: hybrid variants have been heard in affluent parts of Galway, Limerick, and even Cork city. Thankfully, northern towns and cities appear to have built up immunity to this menace. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.