Stirring up anger?


Sir, – I read Simon Coveney quoted in your newspaper attacking Sinn Féin for “stirring up anger” (“FG attacks SF and FF after party drops to third in latest poll”, News, February 4th). I am in no way affiliated with Sinn Féin. I am a primary school teacher. I regularly hear of children waiting up to two years to see a multidisciplinary team to be assessed for autism. I hear of children waiting a year and a half to see an occupational or speech therapist. I hear of parents who are worried for the mental health of their children being told they will only see a psychologist, due to lack of funding, when they show evidence of “suicidal ideation”. I have seen the effects of wondering where they’ll live on children who should simply be enjoying life. I have seen the responsibility for dealing with all these problems slowly being shifted onto desperate parents by governments who believe in the privatisation of services and the socialisation of bank debt.

No-one needs to stir up my anger, Mr Coveney. – Yours, etc,