Sir, - As a single parent, by default and not by design, I would like to say that Noreen Byrne does not represent me. The attitude that she seems to be interpreting, for a number of women, is selfish in the extreme.

As adults, we are free to make choices but our children must live with the consequences of these choices. It behoves us, then, to use forethought on their behalf.

My son, of almost two, does not have a practising father. His inherent need for such a figure is displayed increasingly through his reaction to male relatives and friends. He is too young, presumably, to have a concept of his loss, but in time he will have to come to terms with it. Nonetheless, no matter how well he absorbs it, the absence of a father will still be a loss

A single woman may choose to "play" with a man, or vice versa. Surely the issues change radically when children are part of the equation? At its best, life is difficult. To compound it deliberately for our children is short-sighted, at the least.

What happened to responsibility? As chairwoman of the NWC, Noreen Byrne also has a responsibility to represent women in a more balanced and caring manner. So, who exactly does the NWC represent? - Yours, etc.,

Arbour Terrace, Dublin 7.