Sightings of mute swans


Sir, – The swan photo by Nick Bradshaw in Monday’s Irish Times (December 31st) was delightful.

Those with sharp eyes will have noted a yellow tag CAAH on the swan. The swans of Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare are all tagged for an ongoing population survival analysis, as the population appeared to be decreasing steadily.

The swans from Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow generally do not travel far – up to 40km is normal. However, the “Beast from the East” seems to have caused some to travel further. Recent sightings in Roscommon and Carlow are testament to this. The Irish Midland Ringing Group are looking for reports of yellow coded rings on swans, particularly away from Dublin or in non-public areas such as golf courses or quarries. If sightings are reported to, a life history of the swan is sent to the correspondent as a thank you. – Yours, etc,



Mute Swan Project,

Irish Midland

Ringing Group,Dublin 24.