Naming rights and children’s hospital


Sir, – Adding to the suggestions of Marie Humphries and PN Corish regarding selling naming rights for the children’s hospital (Letters, December 29th), what about corporate names for the actual children themselves? “Welcome ExxonMobil – here’s to your future”. – Yours, etc,



Co Galway.

Sir, – Over many years, the children’s hospitals in Dublin have relied on fund-raising, which has been done by parents, relatives and friends of children who have had to have treatment in any or all of them. I have no idea how much has been raised overall but it has to be hugely significant.

Between what the taxpayer has been and will be continuing to contribute, and these extra fund-raising efforts, to name the new hospital anything other than the “National Children’s Hospital” would be an insult to the whole country. – Yours, etc,

Rev Canon RUTH GILL,


Co Offaly.