School catchment areas need review


Sir, – The Department of Education could do so much to encourage more exercise among school-going boys and girls by reviewing school catchment areas.

While we are delighted that the department has agreed to build a badly needed secondary school on the Harold’s Cross dog track site, it is very difficult to understand why they are not prepared to review, or even discuss, the current catchment areas with elected representatives and parents.

The current catchment area means that boys and girls who live in Dublin 12, part of which is literally across the road from this proposed school, will not be able to attend this school. Yet if they live in the east side of Dublin 6, they will get a place in the school, which would necessitate a car journey on our congested roads. Where is the sense in the approach of using postal districts rather than geographical proximity to schools ?

The Minister and the Department of Education cannot continue to operate in such a centralised ivory tower. We live in a democracy, and he and his department have a responsibility to safeguard the health of our young generation and to respond to community needs. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.