‘Stop the lights!’


Sir, – Deirdre Falvey writes an accurate and comprehensive feature on the late Bunny Carr’s lovely programme Quicksilver (September 20th). However, my experience of the meaning of the phrase above growing up in the northeast in the 1970s was more as an expression of exasperation rather than incredulity – as in “Give me a break!” or, if very annoyed, “Stop the f***ing lights !” – Yours, etc,



Co Louth.

Sir, – Deirdre Falvey’s excellent piece on Quicksilver did not mention the role played by Norman Metcalfe.

When a contestant was stumped by a question, Bunny Carr would give “Norman on the organ” an opportunity to help by playing a quick tune to jog the memory, so to speak. It never seemed to work, which added to the appeal of the show.

Incidentally the use of the phrase “Stop the lights” in answer to a question from a Christian Brother was not considered humorous in the 1970s. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.