The presidential election


Sir, – The presidential candidates have been eager to articulate the social and political issues they plan to address should they be elected to the country’s highest office. However, what they need to keep in mind at all times during the campaign is that the office of president demands the ability to carry out two primary duties – to uphold the Constitution and to represent the nation at important events at home and overseas. The responsibility of tackling Ireland’s social and political issues rests with those elected to the other branches of the Oireachtas.– Yours, etc,


Sandycove, Co Dublin.

Sir,– I am assuming that after the Public Accounts Committee has completed its examination of costs for the presidential office, it will move on to another fresh issue. Can I suggest that it checks all investments made by “Dragons”, over the past seven years, to determine if any constitutional conflicts exist? It might just be a coincidence that it coincides with the presidential election campaign. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.