Russia did attack hospitals in Syria

Sir, – In his letter "Russia stands for a peaceful world order" (October 22nd), Yuriy Filatov, the Russian ambassador to Ireland, states, "Russia did not bomb hospitals and other civilian sites in Syria". This is untrue.

I am a journalist at the New York Times. Last week, we published a video investigation proving for the first time that Russian pilots bombed four hospitals in just 12 hours.

All four hospitals were on a no-strike list sent by the United Nations to Russian officials.

Our evidence included cockpit recordings of Russian pilots carrying out the strikes. We obtained months of these time-coded recordings. The coordinates for a target (in this case hospitals) are shared with a pilot, the pilot confirms the target is locked and then confirms the strike.


We also published video evidence of three of those attacks – the time of the attack matched the minute that Russian pilots are heard confirming the airstrike.

The evidence proves that Russia bombed hospitals.

Readers are invited to view the evidence at ("Russia bombed four Syrian hospitals. We have proof", October 13th). – Yours, etc,


Visual Investigations,

The New York Times,

New York.