Bishop Cullinan, yoga and Zen

A chara, – Yoga, particularly the Hindu original, is perfectly pagan. Far from harmless, the endlessly repeated mantras call on Hindu deities. These deities may or may not exist, hopefully the latter, but the practice is a form of prayer and Jesus is totally absent. Bishop Cullinan would be failing the Catholics of his diocese and failing in his responsibility as their bishop were he not to warn against this. It is his duty and his right to do so. – Is mise,





Sir, – Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan is criticised (Letters, October 21st) in a smug, superior, smart-alec fashion for daring to suggest that Catholic children in Catholic schools should receive Catholic teaching in class. Last year he was criticised for daring to cite a statistical study which showed that women who have abortions have significantly worse mental health outcomes than women who bring their babies to birth.

If anyone wanted supporting evidence of the anti-Catholicism which David Thunder wrote about last week (Opinion & Analysis, Octobneeer 17th), look no further than the media treatment of this good, brave man who keeps getting ridiculed for doing no more than his job. – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.

Sir, – Would the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore be willing to see what all the fuss is about by taking a mindfulness course himself so that he might be able to speak from his own experience and thus a more informed perspective? Mindfulness as it is taught in Irish schools has been adapted so that people of all religions and none can benefit from what it has to offer. There is a strong evidence base that many of us, even perhaps the bishop himself, can benefit from these trainings, in learning to contribute to the development of a less reactive, more compassionate and inclusive society. – Yours, etc,



The Mindfulness Teacher

Association of Ireland,

Dublin 12.