Reimagining our city centres

Sir, – I agree with Fiach MacConghail (Opinion, December 2nd); let's reimagine the communities of the future, but first we need to start by putting the voice of those that live and work in the community at the fore; to see their situation now and how they imagine their community to be in the future, and together work out a collective plan to achieve it – to make it inclusive for all involved.

Isn’t that what we have been missing with the latest controversies of the redevelopment of Dublin? The voice of those who know their community best?

Not only do citizens have a role to play, those leading and delivering community services are integral to this too.

If we can do this as a collective of citizens, community leaders and the State – understanding each other’s perspectives of the problems will allow us to start to have a shared conversation on the problems faced. This is an integral part of creating the blueprint for the city of the future.


Innovate Communities will be launching a new Social Innovation Hub in The Liberties, Dublin 8 where those who live in the area can find ways to solve the problems of the community and as MacConghail states, will be an inclusive community that listens to that community’s voice first.

– Yours, etc,


Chief Executive Officer,

Innovate Communities,

Social Innovation Hub,

Ballymun, Dublin 11.