Orangemen At Drumcree


Sir, - With reference to the offensive and somewhat typical response by Revs Charles Kenny and Brian Stewart (November 25th), they challenge me to state who was listed as a signatory of the Catalyst letter on Drumcree and has since denied it. It is the Rector of Kilbride, Rev Hall Thompson.

The bottom line is that there are almost 800 clergy in the Church of Ireland, of whom 640 did not sign the Catalyst letter. Of the minority who did sign, fewer than 20 are serving clergy in Northern Ireland and not one was from the Archdiocese of Armagh, in which Drumcree parish is located.

Revs Kenny and Stewart (and the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Empey) simply represent a small minority within the Church of Ireland when they campaign to have the doors of Drumcree Church closed to the local members of the Orange Institution - many of whom are loyal members of Drumcree parish.

As a regular worshipper in the Church of Ireland I am offended by the Kenny /Stewart insult that I am no friend of the Church of Ireland. I certainly am a friend. My late uncle was a priest for 50 years and one-time Vicar Choral at Armagh Cathedral.

The basic teaching of the Christian Church is love and charity. Revs Kenny and Stewart, please note and practise. - Yours, etc., Rt Hon John D. Taylor,

MP, Parliament Buildings, Belfast 4.