Brexit – the gift that keeps on giving


Sir, – After a lovely Christmas, and with the opening of various presents, I began to think of Brexit in terms of a gift , given to us by a very slender majority of the British electorate.

Now, just like the jumper that was the wrong size, I would like to return Brexit, but I don’t have the receipt and I don’t know who to return it to. I can’t wrap it up again and give it to anyone else because it’s the wrong fit for everyone, even those who think they want it.

If I could only put it in a drawer and forget about it, but just like Pandora’s box, once the packaging was opened, I could not get the contents back in.

As its content becomes more known, perhaps a collective effort by the people of the UK to take it back and bury it might work, but if that fails then you will get a nice new shiny Border with lots of drones and lots of new technology, only they hasn’t been invented yet .

Over here we are going to have a lot more free time because so many more will be out of work, and our children will have so many fewer opportunities to work and study on the continent.

But those lovely people who made the gift possible will be immune to it, as some have already taken up the opportunities to take out citizenship in other countries and some have moved their manufacturing bases abroad.

For them it was so much nicer to give than receive. Happy new year. – Yours, etc,



Hampshire, England.