Motor insurance drives up blood pressure


Sir, –My blood pressure increased dramatically when I read: “The CSO’s Consumer Price Index suggests that the average cost of motor insurance has dropped by 11.5 per cent between June 2017 and June 2018” (“Car insurance cost declines eroded by surge in fuel prices”, News, July 23rd).

I have had 42 years of driving on a full and clean licence without a claim.

When I lived in London I paid a lot less in car insurance than I did when I returned to the west Limerick/Kerry border some 25 years ago.

Since then I have only seen the cost of car insurance leap further and further up.

I have 42 years of claim-free driving, I live in a quiet countryside home, with my car garaged. That means nothing to any insurance company my broker has found in this country.

Let us have some fair play here, and the ability to source our insurance from anywhere in the EU, and then we shall see the truth.

Insurance costs going down? As God himself might say, “Not in my lifetime”. – Yours, etc,



Co Limerick.