Mobile phones – to sleep, perchance


Sir, – I have a few suggestions for Ger Mulvey, who had a letter on Saturday (July 8th) explaining how bothersome his mobile phone had become.

First, there is a wonderful setting on most mobile phones nowadays called “silent”, which means the phone makes no noise when you get a message.

Second, the advice nowadays is that it is generally a bad idea to sleep with your mobile phone, as the light it emits disrupts melatonin production, which stops one from sleeping. To remedy this, I’d suggest leaving the phone in another room overnight.

Third, contact your service provider and ask if they might remove you from their mailing list.

Most companies are very reasonable about this, and actually put in information in these bothersome text messages on how to stop receiving them.

I hope these suggestions help Mr Mulvey’s blood pressure, and if not, I’m sure an internet search on any of my suggestions will provide more information. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 22.