Property-driven economy


Sir, – I’ve been following Ciara Kenny’s excellent diary of a house-hunter and the recent reports of dramatic rises of house prices, and have come to the conclusion that the propensity for collective amnesia among Irish people is truly astonishing.

It is less than 10 years since the property-driven economic bubble burst, resulting in the humiliating loss of national sovereignty to supranational vulture organisations, economic collapse and impoverishment of the general population.

As someone looking from the outside in, it appears Ireland has learned nothing and has jumped straight back onto the boom-and-bust conveyor belt.

Where are the responsible economists and politicians who will stand up to say that this is not a rational way for a country to conduct itself? At what point will people stop looking at the dissemination of homes as a property market to be commodified? Everybody needs a home, and as such its should be considered a utility rather than a commodity. – Yours, etc,