Medicinal cannabis supply

Sir, – I refer to your disturbing article regarding "fast and loose" medical marijuana products ("Warnings over 'fast and loose' medicinal cannabis supply", March 3rd).

The lack of regulation and oversight in this area in Ireland has led to fraudulent and substandard products been sold to Irish people. However, in principle, fully regulated and tested medicinal cannabidiol (CBD) products derived from cannabis plants (as opposed to hemp) can be legally obtained by Irish citizens from Canadian licensed producers via post.

These CBD-only products (not containing any psychoactive THC) are controlled substances in Canada but not in Ireland. Their legal production and sale are overseen by the Canadian federal government, which ensures the products meet pharmaceutical standards and are fully tested and inspected against these quality requirements. I would urge any Irish person looking to source CBD only product not to buy “dodgy” unregulated products but to contact any of the legitimate 19 Government licensed producers in Canada who are legally allowed to sell medicinal CBD cannabis oil. These companies can work with individuals to legally supply a pharmaceutical grade product to meet their needs. Furthermore, for those medical personnel looking for more information on the therapeutic uses of cannabis derivatives, I recommend the Canadian Department of Health’s website. – Yours, etc,




Quality Assurance

and Scientific Affairs,


Gatineau, Canada.