Faith schools and parental choice

Sir, – Stewart Stephens is concerned he is "compelled" to send his children to Catholic faith schools where they will be "immersed" in Christian faith formation (February 27th). He doesn't state whether or not they have faith.

I have had many neighbours over the years who are non-Catholic: Muslims from Sudan, Malaysia, Egypt and Libya; Hindus from India; and Copts from Egypt. Despite having a good secular state secondary school in Castlebar, which my daughter happily attends, and now an Educate Together school, my neighbours have insisted on sending their children to Catholic schools.

Some of these children have grown up and now constitute seven doctors, a medical student, a pharmacist, a pharmacy student, an actuary, a marketing executive, a bioengineering student, an apprentice aeronautical engineer and a computer scientist. – Yours, etc,



Castlebar, Co Mayo.