Master plans for 'ghost estates'


A chara, – The situation regarding “ghost estates ”(Editorial, August 16th) is without doubt due to a lack of planning in housing (and some urban centres) at the height of the development “frenzy”. The landscape planning of unfinished estates needs to be systematically assessed as a matter of urgency. The Irish Landscape Institute has contacted Nama highlighting the need to consider proposals to improve the public space and living space around these estates and to transform unfinished sites into public parks and landscapes, providing recreation and habitat protection.

Some of these sites would be more valuable to the State as designated flood storage areas than as unwanted and unnecessary developments.

We would like to see members of the Irish Landscape Institute – highly trained landscape architects, now over 50 per cent unemployed – working with residents, local authorities and Nama to prepare landscape master plans for these ghost estates and to monitor their ongoing maintenance and safety. Everyone who lives in these areas is entitled to live and play in a safe environment, without having to wait for divine intervention. This is particularly relevant for the younger generation who will be paying for it in years to come. – Is mise,



Irish Landscape Institute,

Cardiff Lane, Dublin 2.