Sir, - In The Irish Times (April3rd) your Northern Correspondent, referring to the marching season, quotes orange groups as expressing their determination to uphold their right to peacefully parade the streets of the city of Belfast". One must ask if they are prepared to uphold the same rights for the nationalist population.

If parity, of esteem is to mean anything it must mean that if unionists are allowed to march, with bands and banners, through nationalist areas then nationalists should have the right to march, with bands and banners, through unionist areas.

What a contribution it would be to the peace process if unionists where to indicate that they would not object to nationalists marching peacefully through their areas on condition that nationalists withdraw their objections to orange marches through nationalist areas. I'm sure that nationalist would withdraw their objections to peaceful orange marches in these circumstances.

I believe that the acceptance of equality of marching rights would remove the triumphalism from the marching season and contribute immeasurably to the peace process. - Yours, etc..

Killiney Hill Park.


Co Dublin.