Ireland’s response to refugees


Sir, – We all know that the 43 Nato countries who engaged in the illegal invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and now clandestinely Yemen are responsible for the refugee crisis from those lands at the behest of the US, Britain, France and the UN. Ireland is also on the blame list for allowing Shannon Airport’s use in those disgusting ventures.

Likewise we in the so-called first world countries devastated the third world and brought about the economic, cultural, social and environmental collapse of Africa, Central and South America and South East Asia, often with World Bank and UN support. Again we shun the flood of refugees.

We all know where the cause and the responsibilities lie. The question is do we remove our heads from our rear ends and act honestly and positively or do we continue to follow the world’s greatest bully, the US?

There is a new world order emerging and we are on the wrong side.

My father was a refugee here in 1938 and did not find Ireland a kind place then. Is it any better now? – Yours, etc,


Kilcoole, Co Wicklow.