Homeopathy and science


Sir, – Further to Dr Muiris Houston’s column “There is no clinical evidence to validate homeopathy – and it can even do harm” (Health, March 22nd), once again no voice is given to the clear evidence that homeopathy does work. This fact has been proven time and time again.

The report of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) ignored any positive research on homeopathy, including the Swiss government report, a five-year study which found in favour of homeopathy and recommended its inclusion under its health insurance. This Swiss report concluded that, “There is sufficient evidence for the preclinical effectiveness and the clinical efficacy of homeopathy and for its safety and economy compared with conventional treatment.”

There was no representation for homeopaths and no expert on homeopathy on the NHMRC. Would this be acceptable, for example, in oncology or orthopaedics?

Also excluded were major disease prevention and control programmes using homeopathy which are carried out in many countries, including India and Cuba. The Cuban project was carried out by a conventional medical research facility, the Finlay Institute; the results were spectacular.

In Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy and all over the world many medical doctors routinely use homeopathy in their practices. The World Health Organisation recognises homeopathy as the second most used natural medicine in the world (after traditional Chinese medicine).

The Irish Society of Homeopaths works towards a system of integrated medicine where conventional and complementary medicine can be used to the benefit of all patients. This would also benefit the HSE in terms of cost reduction in our health services. – Yours, etc,


Irish Society of Homeopaths,


Co Dublin.