Glass jug scalding award for €56,000

Sir, – You report on a court case where the judge commented that Dunnes Stores ought to have known that people in Ireland from foreign countries will use a glass jug and pour hot water in it (“Woman scalded when jug bought in Dunnes Stores explodes awarded €56,000”, Home News, December 14th).

On the face of it, this is a peculiar and unfair comment and subsequent judgment.

First, anyone with common sense should know that if you put very hot water into a glass container without due care, there is a risk of thermal shock and breakage. Second, how is it practically possible for an Irish retailer to be aware of and responsible for all the domestic practices of people in other countries?

For insurance court cases, in this country, it appears that the defendants are guilty until proven innocent. We the public pay the costs in our premiums. – Yours, etc,



Gorey, Co Wexford.