Four-nation Toryism


A chara, – It was Disraeli who introduced the concept of “one-nation” conservativism. Over the years, more tolerable Tories, such as Ian Macleod and Theresa May, have proudly proclaimed themselves to be “one-nation” Tories.

Quite recently, British ministers are referring to the four nations of the UK, so presumably they are now “four-nation” Tories! Journalists and commentators are following suit.

We know the reality of the English, Scottish, and Welsh nations.

However, the emergence of the Northern Ireland nation has the shock of the new.

Can it be that unionists can now be described as nationalists? Can it be that Ulster, long a province, has become a nation once again?

Is it time to call in the Wolfe Tones? – Is mise,


Baile Átha Cliath 5.