Footpaths and parking

Sir, – Strange as it might seem, it can be quite legal to park your vehicle on a footpath. Under the 1993 Roads Act, the portion of the road which is provided primarily for use by pedestrians is called the footway. A footpath, on the other hand, is described in the Act as a road over which there is a right of way for pedestrians, not being a footway. A footpath is usually on private land. It seems that most of us for years have erroneously called a footway a footpath, so if someone parks a vehicle on a footpath on his or her own private property, it can be quite legal to do so in many instances. I wonder if some clever legal eagle could use this anomaly in the Dublin courts to get a guilty client off the hook? If so, could it be termed a footpath to freedom, or just another footway to folly? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 6W.

Sir, – As a Cork native, resident in the alternative capital for almost six decades, permit me to share a view with Liam Weeks (Letters, September 8th) on the significance of yellow lines in the southern enclave. One line says you can't park at all. Two lines say no parking at all at all. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 5.