Dublin – a rip-off for tourists?


Sir, – Further to “‘Don’t come to Dublin. It’s a rip-off,’ says tourism expert” (Business, June 16th), I did a quick web search on the same website your expert mentions and found many good hotels for a lot less than €400. If you insist on a four-star chain or tier-one hotel in Dublin, then don’t be shocked at higher prices. As for stag parties, I think we’d all agree they are well corralled in the environ that is Temple Bar. The rest of us are up in Neary’s having a decent pint. Two days ago in Dublin Airport I was in a queue that took up the entire area in T2 passport control. I was clear in less than 10 minutes.

What Prof Michael Hall is missing out on here is a guide. I humbly offer my services. – Yours, etc,


Tralee, Co Kerry.

Sir, – Congratulations to Tourism Hospitality Research in Ireland for inviting international tourism expert Prof Michael Hall from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand to speak at its 13th annual conference in Sligo.

Trust a Kiwi to tell it like it is. “I would never, ever recommend anyone to come to Dublin for a short break because I think it is an absolute rip-off”.

He said he was horrified when two months ago he went to book a room for a Saturday night in Dublin and found that it would cost him €400.

His views are a welcome reality check. I hope they invite him back next year. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 5.