Don’t Look Up

Sir, – Dr David Robbins in his article "Critics of Don't Look Up should look at it through a different lens" (Science Opinion, Online, January 11th) is pitch-perfect in striking the right note in his assessment of the controversy surrounding Adam McKay's excellent satire Don't Look Up.

Most film critics were sniffy about it, film punters were either perplexed by it or loved it, and climate scientists have welcomed it with something that appears close to a collective sigh of relief. Critics variously described it as humourless, lacking in hope and cynical.

I could not disagree more. In its allegorical parodying of political, media, and tech elites and catastrophe denying airheads, and wrapped in a rollicking star-studded package, it could not have delivered the climate crisis message better. Paradoxically, I felt hopeful after watching it. Dr Robbins uses the word redemptive. Absolutely! – Yours, etc,




Co Tipperary.