Disabled customers and retail outlets


Sir, – Many businesses have made changes to their premises because of social distancing regulations but in doing so have made things more difficult for wheelchair users.

I have seen disabled parking spaces blocked by tables and chairs being moved outside.

There are one-way systems in some shops that are too narrow for wheelchairs to use.

I have found hand-sanitiser stations that are installed very high up.

Signs and other obstacles are blocking footpaths.

Masks, visors and perspex screens also make it harder for us to hear you, considering we are lower down than most.

I am certain that people with other types of disabilities have had to face different problems.

I understand that due to social distancing many businesses have had no choice but to make some changes, but this shouldn’t have to come at a cost for many.

If you own or work in a business that has had to change things around, please take your disabled customers into consideration.

We have money too and we want to be able to spend it in your business. – Yours, etc,



Co Donegal.