Davos – are we being served?


Sir, – I can’t help wondering if I am alone when I say that I find the annual Davos event leaves me very uncomfortable. It is an annual fest where global political leaders open up to an unprecedented opportunity for unregulated lobbying by the largest commercial entities on the planet, with a significant presence too of the millionaires and billionaires of this world. Whose interests are being served? The poor or marginalised? Of course not.

Did any one of the many corporations, millionaires, or billionaires have a problem with the Irish tax scenario that was being so ably defended by our Minister? Not for a moment! Davos is about those who have the most, and the most to gain, ensuring that there is no disruption to this.

Even the location of the gathering, an exclusive resort (note that is not a world business centre, but a holiday resort), makes clear that this has nothing to do with the ordinary people of this world. – Yours, etc,


Bunbrosna, Co Westmeath.