Community radio stations


Sir, – I read with interest the article written by Jim Carroll on the lack of home-grown acts on Irish radio (“Radio silence: Stations which play the least Irish music revealed”, December 27th). I also noticed the logos of the Irish radio stations in Ireland, including RTÉ.

Apart from RTÉ and commercial stations, there is a third media force in Ireland, in the form of community radio.

There are 23 fully licensed stations and 12 aspirant (temporary licence) stations operating throughout the country, with almost 4,000 volunteers and paid staff running the stations. There are five such stations in Dublin, one of which is an all-Irish language station.

All community radio stations play a high volume of Irish music and also support local bands or groups. – Yours, etc,



Liffey Sound 96.4FM,

Community Radio,

Lucan, Co Dublin.