Local knowledge


Sir, – Defending Edna O’Brien’s acceptance of a damehood of the Order of the British Empire, Kieran Fagan (April 16th), inter alia, tells us that “us Dubliners used to be known for our generosity of spirit”. I had expected that, by now, one or other of your erudite columnists would have expanded on this but I am still in the dark as to by whom, exactly, Dubliners were viewed in such a positive light. Failing confirmation, I can only assume that it is the same demographic that admire Leitrim men for their lightness of step, Corkonions for their firmness of handshake and Sligo men for their honesty of gaze. There are 28 other positive national characteristics I could list, but Galwegians have always been known for their brevity of drift. – Yours, etc,