Sir, The collapse of Celtworld, the 20,000 square foot tourist attraction in Tram ore, begs many questions which need to be addressed for the sake of future developments in the growing tourist industry. From a personal perspective, I believe that Celtworld was in an incorrect location and that this was ultimately a contributing factor to its decline.

After a visit to Celtworld on an occasion in early June, when it was less than busy, I felt that it would have benefited from being located in the Limerick Clare Kerry tourist catchment areas, which are well established as tourist honey pots and offer a cluster of facilities for visitors. Tramore does not offer this, as it is essentially an indigenous holiday resort.

It is dependent upon Irish visitors in the main, and is thus seasonal. It offers a range of facilities for Irish holidaymakers which competed with Celtworld namely, the perennial popularity of the amusement arcades etc. Celtworld was off the beaten track for international visitors, an isolated attraction needing the benefit of proximity to similar centres.

I ask the question if £2 million was spent on start up costs, promotions and consultancy fees, then why did this folly occur? The innovative idea which gave birth to Celtworld was good, but its execution did a great disservice to the very valuable historical and mythological themes which it addressed. Yours, etc. Montenotte, Cork.