Back to normal


Sir, – I have enjoyed reading your online edition over the last few days, for which many thanks, but I will be very glad to get my hands on a print edition again. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.

Sir, – Here in snowless and stormless Letterkenny the first proof that the “Beast from the East” and Storm Emma were for real was the absence this morning of the Saturday edition of The Irish Times from the shelves of my local convenience store. Copies had evidently not made it through from the Wild East. Many thanks, therefore, for providing free access to the digital edition. I look forward to the resumption of normal services soon. – Yours, etc,


Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

Sir, – As the snow fell all around us and the “Beast” and Emma threatened, I have to admit that what I missed most in the last few days was my paper copy of The lrish Times. I had enough heat, food, shelter, and a lovely husband to share it with, but not having your paper left me a bit bereft. – Yours, etc,