Alcohol firms and arts events

Sir, – Further to "Alcohol Bill will cut ¤8.5m sponsorship of arts events, says drink industry" (News, June 26th), the Bill does not propose any prohibition on alcohol sponsorship of the arts. Nor does it propose to prohibit advertising of alcohol products.

The Bill does contain a modest set of regulations that will limit the appeal of alcohol advertising, particularly to children. This will minimise its impact so that alcohol products can no longer align with performance, success, social inclusion or a variety of other positive outcomes.

The article highlights Dublin Pride Week’s association with one alcohol brand but fails to recognise the generous contribution of the 36 other non-alcohol sponsors. The Galway International Arts Festival, which has secured seven title sponsors for its exciting 2017 programme, four of who are publicly funded, admirably declares that “the show must go on”. And so it will. – Yours, etc,


Head of Communications

and Advocacy,

Alcohol Action Ireland,

Coleraine House,

Coleraine Street, Dublin 7.