Access In Dundrum


Sir, - The artist's impression of the proposed new town centre in Dundrum (The Irish Times, February 23rd) captures images of a tiger economy, laptops and Gucci bags, hustle and bustle, as the briefcase-toting locals wend their way up and down an elegant flight of steps leading to the twinkling lights of the new civic square.

No doubt the developers and their architects have considered the anguish of the buggy-pushing parent, and the zimmer frame and wheelchair users as they attempt to negotiate their way around this major obstacle. No doubt there is an equally attractive route which provides seamless access from one part of the centre to the other.

What a shame that the imagery used of 21st century Dundrum depicts environmental exclusion with hierarchical spaces separated by long flights of steps.

Why not instead present an image of access and inclusion, of a centre where everyone, both young and old, can participate in its economic cultural and social life without facing physical barriers so typical of the past? - Yours, etc., Fionnuala Rogerson,

Lower Churchtown Road, Dublin 14.