A make-believe Brexit landscape


Sir, – The failure of Labour’s cross-party attempt to stop the next British prime minister from pursuing a no-deal Brexit against parliament’s will is a defeat for common sense and Britain’s national interest (“MPs reject motion to stop next prime minister taking UK out of EU without deal”, News, June 12th).

There are several reasons why MPs did not back Labour’s motion.

The UK government has not yet committed to leaving the EU without a deal, the Brexit cliff-edge is still four months away, and some otherwise sympathetic Conservatives simply distrusted Labour’s motives.

However, the Tory leadership race, with its toxic mix of dangerous promises and irresponsible posturing, has also encouraged a make-believe Brexit landscape, in which crashing-out of the EU is increasingly seen as a legitimate option.

Yet again the Tories have put party before country and, in doing so, boosted the chances of a no-deal disaster. – Yours, etc,


Arbour Hill,

Dublin 7.