Children’s hospital and private rooms


Sir, – The statement by Richard Bruton that the new children’s hospital will contain eight consulting rooms for private consultants is astonishing (News, June 14th).

Mr Bruton’s statement that this “is not a major element of this project” and is “going to be at a very low level” is completely missing the point that the taxpayer is funding premises for what essentially are private businesses.

Nobody has a problem with private consultants. However, these rooms should be funded entirely by the consultants themselves and should occur outside the hospital or alternatively in a hospital they have funded themselves.

I would suggest that a far better use for these rooms would be to house families with sick children attending the hospital.

Does the Government intend funding any other private businesses with taxpayers’ funds? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.

Sir, – As we come to terms with the escalating cost of the new children’s hospital, are we also being forced to accept that the unjust private health care system will again rear its ugly head?

Is it is too much to expect that all sick children in this little county of ours will we cared for equally, regardless of the income of their parents? – Yours, etc,