Tanaiste’s visit to middle east

Urgent appeal

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott

Sir, – On the 200th day since the Hamas attack on civilians in Israel, and the start of the Jewish Passover, the Tánaiste stood at the Rafah crossing and castigated Israel for “collective punishment” and obstruction of relief efforts (News, April 24th).

The 127 remaining hostages are likely to be holed up within 5km of where he was standing, but not a word did he utter to demand their unconditional release nor criticism of Hamas.

I assume the “intensive efforts to address the crisis in the Middle East” in which you report the Tánaiste is engaged, are directed only one way? – Is mise,




Co Donegal.

Sir, – I would like to commend the impressive diplomatic work of Tánaiste Micháel Martin in Egypt and Gaza this week. His public statements have been strong and unequivocally in support of the defenceless civilian population of Palestine.

Given his obvious shock at what has happened and is unfolding, I would urge him to also make a direct and urgent appeal to the US president Joe Biden to withdraw his support for the Israeli offensive in Gaza, which is claiming the lives of so many innocent men, women and children. As one of their closest allies, we have a “special” relationship with the United States. It is time for us, as a nation, to tell Mr Biden there is no excuse for the US support of the genocide of the Palestinian people . – Yours, etc,


New Ross,

Co Wexford.