Dangerous dog breeds

Licensing and regulation system needs reform

Letters to the editor

Sir, – Now is the time to introduce a total ban on extremely dangerous dog breeds and to rigidly enforce the law.

Why does anyone need these particular breeds as they serve no useful purpose and the possibility that one of these dogs can escape, break away or shed its muzzle is just far too great a danger to even contemplate.

There are more than 350 dog breeds to choose from so there should be an immediate legal total ban on those dangerous ones. The vast majority of all recognised boarding kennels will not accept these breeds under any conditions. Make the necessary legal changes now before it’s too late and there is a fatal attack! – Yours, etc,




Co Offaly.

Sir, – There will be those who will demand the prohibition of specific breeds in the belief that extreme aggression is an intrinsic character trait of such dogs. Yet the evidence suggests there is no causal link between breed and aggression. That’s not to say a specific dog isn’t genetically predisposed to aggression, much like humans, but environmental factors are a much greater determinant of behaviour.

Of course, there are breeds that are stronger and more capable of causing serious injury but there is no evidence to suggest banning specific breeds will prevent serious dog attacks in the future.

As a society we view the keeping of dogs as a right rather than a privilege which results in the termination of hundreds of healthy dogs each year. Many more animals are at risk of abuse and mistreatment because owners are wholly unsuited to look after them or do not have the resources to feed them or pay for medical treatment when required.

When rehoming dogs, charities rightly undertake checks to make sure the new owner and home are suitable for the dog, yet anybody can buy a puppy of any breed from an unregistered breeder without any such checks.

An overhaul of the State licensing system involving mandatory owner training and suitability checks for all dogs as well as tighter regulations on breeders should form a basic starting point. – Yours, etc,



Co Louth.