Tests confirm Canada body parts


DNA tests have confirmed that a severed hand and foot mailed to schools in Canada belong to the alleged victim of a man arrested last week in Germany.

Packages containing the body parts were delivered by mail to two elementary schools in Vancouver on June 5th, days after a torso was found in an alleyway across the country in Montreal.

A hand and foot from the same body were also mailed to political parties in Ottawa.

Police have said the torso and body parts belong to Jun Lin (32) a student from China who was at Montreal's Concordia University.

"It has been confirmed with DNA that body parts found in Vancouver belong to the victim, Mr Lin," a Montreal police spokesman said. The head is still missing.

Canadian Luka Rocco Magnotta (29) faces charges of first-degree murder, indignities to a body, publishing and mailing obscene matter, and harassing Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper.

The gruesome case involves a disturbing online video that depicts the crime.

Mr Magnotta is in custody in Berlin and has said he won't fight extradition to Canada.  Officials said last week he could be returned home within weeks.