Skinhead duo planned drive-by assassination


TWO WHITE supremacists arrested in Tennessee planned to assassinate Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama while dressed in white tuxedos and wearing top hats and shooting from a speeding car, court documents released yesterday allege.

Daniel Cowart (20) from Tennessee and Paul Schlesselman (18) from Arkansas were arrested on Wednesday for possessing firearms, making threats against a presidential candidate and conspiring to rob a gun store. The pair, who abandoned the gun shop robbery plan, came to the attention of police in Jackson, Tennessee after they had shot out the window of a church and used chalk to put white supremacist slogans on their car.

Describing the two as neo-Nazi skinheads, local authorities alleged that they had planned to kill 88 people - and to behead 14 more in a school in Helena, Tennessee.

The numbers 14 and 88 have symbolic significance in skinhead culture.