Ryanair summer baggage fees rise


HOLIDAYING FAMILIES will be hardest hit by an increase in Ryanair’s baggage charges for the peak summer period, according to the Consumers’ Association of Ireland (CAI).

Ryanair yesterday announced plans to increase the online fees for checked-in baggage from €15 to €20 per bag for July and August.

This amounts to a doubling of the airline’s baggage fees since last summer, as the airline also increased its charges in October.

CAI chief executive Dermott Jewell described the timing of the increase during the school holiday period as “like shooting fish in a barrel” and “not really fair-minded”.

Families often have no choice but to check in bags because “with children and teenagers, you have to bring significant changes of clothing”, he said. He said families would be “snared” into paying more money even if they book and get a good deal.

Ryanair said the move aims to encourage passengers to carry less.

“Ryanair is determined to incentivise passengers to travel light this summer by increasing our checked-in baggage fees for the months of July and August only,” Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said.

The fee will return to €15 from September 1st, and the airline is urging passengers to use free carry-on bags only with its 10kg allowance.

The airline’s other fees, such as for checking in at the airport and for excess baggage, will remain at current levels.