'Just Mary', but absolutely no woo-woo!


THURSDAY EVENING is not a good time for launching books to do with Irish politics. Most of the TDs and Senators have already gone home for the weekend.

This would explain the relatively low turnout by politicians at the buzzy launch in The National Library of Mary O’Rourke’s memoir, Just Mary.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin came along to wish her luck, while Robert Troy, the man who replaced her in Longford-Westmeath, flew the flag for the midlands.

Of the current crop, we spotted Billy Kelleher and Timmy Dooley, along with Brendan Smith. Not a Bertie or Biff in sight. Apart from the party leader and Smith, we didn’t see any ministers from the last government. Martin Mansergh and Rory O’Hanlon were also in attendance, while there were reports of a sighting of Donie Cassidy in the car park.

This will have come as a relief to Micheál, especially as his party has taken a little jump in the polls.

Mary mentioned his good news during her short and rather restrained speech. We preferred what she had to say on Newstalk’s Lunchtime programme earlier in the day.

“I know, most of all, Micheál Martin won’t lose his head over this, and I certainly wouldn’t . . . I got calls this morning from exuberant supporters saying, ‘woo-woo-woo, woo-woo!’ I said, ‘naw, naw, naw, no woo-hoo – that’s all over. There will never be woo-hoo again’.”


A breathless press release arrives on Tuesday from the office of government backbencher Derek Keating. The Fine Gael TD for Dublin Mid-West is smitten, if the headline (in big bold type) is anything to go by.

“Keating says that Ruairí Quinn is possibly the best Minister for Education since Donogh O’Malley (1967).”

That’s nice. Ruairí will be pleased. Possibly the best? High praise, indeed. They’ll be hanging out the bunting in Sandymount.

But then we see the next paragraph.

“Deputy Derek Keating was today approved by the Dáil to be appointed to the Select Committee on Education and Social Protection.” We’re guessing that Derek is absolutely delighted with his new job.

And wasting no time when it comes to sucking up to the boss.