Nuke It


PC CD-ROM minimum system requirements: 486SX/25mhz; 8MB RAM; 2MB hard disk space; DOS 5.0; CDROM drive; VGA, £19.99

AND you thought it couldn't get any better Well - it has. Not long after the arrival of Duke Nukem 3D - one of the best shoot-'em-ups ever - a compilation of more than 300 levels is ready and waiting to be conquered.

One down side, for those who haven't already been nuked, is that you must have the original before you can play any of these levels. And if you haven't already played Duke, you should. With this number of levels it is almost inevitable that some are brilliant and some not nearly so. But the majority are somewhere in between. It is also worth noting that a considerable amount of the levels are for Deathmatch only and unless you have a modem these aren't much use as there are no enemies to kill.

The CD itself isn't very user-friendly and a lot of the levels don't have text files. This is unfortunate because one can't determine what exactly is in the level until you load it. These inconveniences aside. Nuke It is certainly worth having if you are a Nuke fan.

Graphics: 92%, Sound: 92%, Gameplay: 90%